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TWL - Themable Widget Library
Written by Matthias Mann   
The TWL - Themable Widget Library has it's own website since a long time now already and I think it's time to put a link to it here.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 30 November 2010 )
Continuations Library
Written by Matthias Mann   
This small library allows you to write your game AI or animation code in a simple sequential way, blocking on commands like walkTo() and all this without blocking your AI thread or the need for additional threads.
Last Updated ( Sunday, 06 January 2013 )
Creating PNG files
Written by Matthias Mann   

I showed in the article Creating Screenshots how a screenshot can be saved as TGA file.

We all know that uncompressed TGA files are a bit large and the JPEG files look not so nice for CG images.

In this article I'll show a simple Java class that writes a PNG files without using AWT or ImageIO.

Last Updated ( Monday, 04 June 2007 )
Pack200 ANT task
Written by Matthias Mann   

Ever tried to automate Pack200 creation of multiple JAR files ?

This ANT task allows you to use a <fileset> to specify the JAR files which needs to be (re)packed. That means it can process all JAR files of your project with only one task execution in your build.xml

Last Updated ( Thursday, 31 December 2009 )
Worldscape Engine
Written by Matthias Mann   
Worldscape Screenshot

This is a very early demo of my Worldscape engine.

  • Updated 2007.06.10 : first version of streaming grass
  • Updated 2007.06.09 : added 2 sliders to UI. Improved texture for the house.
  • Updated 2007.06.07 : first version of streaming terrain
  • Updated 2007.06.02 : added bump mapping to the house
  • Updated 2007.05.27 : first version of HDR rendering
  • Updated 2007.05.25 : changed fresnel term a bit
  • Updated 2007.05.21 : house V3 (c) void256, now using vertex attributes
  • Updated 2007.05.20 : added a sun and precalculated shadows to the terrain
  • Updated 2007.05.17 : terrain picking fully implemented, fixed visual artifact with water
  • Updated 2007.05.12 : new house model from Void256, first terrain picking
  • Updated 2007.05.06 : improved water in the BTT demo
  • Updated 2007.05.05 : fixed a GLSL issue on ATI cards
  • Updated 2007.05.05 : added trees from Reiner Prokein
  • Updated 2007.05.03 : added water with reflection to BTT demo
Last Updated ( Monday, 26 May 2008 )
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